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About Kewpie Stockfeeds

Kewpie Stockfeeds has been servicing the rural industry since 1968 in response to customer needs for both quantity and quality assurance for their stockfeed. Today we are not only a provider of bulk and bagged stockfeed, we are also a provider of animal health and wellbeing products for livestock and small animals as well as steel products from stock yards to trailers.

Kewpie Stockfeeds services Queensland and northern NSW with stockists located throughout these areas.

Our Services

Kewpie Steel Sales & Fabrication

Steel, Aluminium & Stainless
Fencing, Gates, Hardware
Roofing, Automatic Feeding, Plumbing
Safety & Welding Products
Steel Fabrications
Welding, cutting, folding & bending steel

Kewpie Stockfeeds

Stockfeed Manufacture and Supply
Kewpie Rural Merchandising: Kingaroy and Monto
Public Weigh Bridge
Trucks, trailers, caravans etc

Kewpie Pig Enterprises

Pig Production
Kewpie owned and managed properties
Kewpie animals produced under contract