Kewpie Stockfeeds Pty Ltd are SFMCA Feedsafe Accredited Feed Manufacturer.

Kewpie Group of Companies has its own quality assurance system which works in conjunction with the SFMCA Feedsafe Quality Assurance Program which entails:

  • Contracting/Employing a consulting nutritionist who ensures the stockfeed we manufacture is suitable for the purpose of which it was designed;
  • Procedures in place designed to ensure that only raw materials that meet certain (specifications physical and/or chemical standards) are accepted into our feed mill or branches;
  • Procedures in place and instructions which are under continual review to ensure that manufacturing and operational techniques and activities are updated as necessary and that customer requirements are satisfied;
  • Ensures that all relevant regulatory requirements, including those related to safety, are met;

Kewpie Group of Companies employees at all levels within the organisation are required and committed to support these quality objectives.