Kewpie Group

Kewpie Group of Companies consists of the following:

Kewpie Rural 2018

Kewpie Stockfeeds Manufacture and Supply:

Stock feed in small feed bags, bulk feed delivery, bagged feed and merchandise. Deliver within South East Queensland as well as to distributors/re-sellers located from northern NSW to north Queensland.

Kewpie Rural – Rural Merchandising: Kewpie has two rural merchandising outlets based at Kingaroy and Monto.

Kewpie Steel Sales & Fabrication – Light Engineering:


Woltmann Bros Pty Ltd:

Kewpie Transport – Road Freight Services: Transport of bulk grains and bulk feeds.

Mechanical Repairs – Heavy Vehicles: Servicing and general repairs to heavy vehicles and other vehicles.

Cattle Grazing Interests.


Kewpie Piggeries

Kewpie Pig Enterprises Pty Ltd:

Pig Production on Kewpie owned and managed properties.

Piggybank – Kewpie animals produced under contract.