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Kewpie Stockfeeds

"Kewpie Feed Made to Perform"

Kewpie Stockfeeds Pty Ltd is a subsidiary of the Kewpie Group of Companies which is privately owned. Kewpie Stockfeeds Pty Ltd consists of two services – Kewpie Rural provider of livestock feed and merchandise and Kewpie Steel and Fabrication which provides a steel and fabrication service for light engineering.

Kewpie Stockfeeds Pty Ltd started servicing the South Burnett Region of South East Queensland in 1968, 50 years on, now service Queensland and northern New South Wales.

Kewpie Stockfeeds Pty Ltd has a rural customer base exceeding 1,000 being serviced with on-farm delivery of bulk stock feed, on-farm merchandise service, livestock equipment, animal health including wormers and vaccines along with other rural products and services.

Kewpie Stockfeeds Pty Ltd is a member of SFMCA and is a Feedsafe Accredited Feed Manufacturer.

Kewpie Rural 2018

Kewpie Stockfeeds Pty Ltd

Stock feed manufacture & Supply: Small and bulka bags, bulk feed orders. Delivery within South East Queensland as well as a network of distributors located from northern NSW to north Queensland.

Kewpie Rural - Rural Merchandising: Kewpie has two rural merchandising outlets based at Kingaroy and Monto.

Kewpie Steel Sales & Fabrication - Steel, Aluminium & Stainless, Roofing, Automatic Feeding, Fencing, Plumbing, Hardware, Safety & Welding Products
Steel Fabrication - Welding, Cutting, Folding & Bending Steel.

Kewpie Pig Enterprises Pty Ltd

Pig Production on Kewpie owned and managed properties.

Piggybank - Kewpie animals produced under contract.

Woltmann Bros Pty Ltd

Kewpie Transport - Road Freight Services: Transport of bulk grains and bulk feeds.

Mechanical Repairs - Heavy Vehicles: Servicing and general repairs to heavy vehicles and other vehicles.

Cattle Grazing Interests.